About TechPad Agency

TechPad Agency is a internet marketing and advertising firm that specializes in services for  the Web Hosting and Mobile Entertainment Industries. We are highly experienced in Social Media and SEO as well as web based property development. Our experience in the Mobile Phone platform includes applications published and featured on the Apple iPhone.  We help you see and be seen by your customers.


Current Projects:

TheGameReviews.com is a Video Game portal that provides consumers, developers and industry executives with video game news, articles, reviews, previews, media and more. TGR has exclusive features such as Inside the Games, a inside look at those in the video game entertainment industry, and the GameOn! podcast.

Our TechPad Productions brand specializes in the Video and Mobile Phone markets. We  help develop, produce and market applications across all major mobile phone platforms, including the Apple iPhone and the Blackberry.  Some of our own inhouse productions are:

iNetMania is a new board game of Internet Entrepreneurship being developed especially for the iPhone. It’s inspired by our award winning board game Servermania, a game based on building your own Web Hosting company. Many of our customers and marketing partners are to be featured as part of the game.

iMEvil, a new entertainment soundboard application on the iTunes App Store, features professional voice talent David Sobolov from Halo Wars (The Arbiter) and Call of Duty 4 (Lt. Vasquez).

Prior Projects:

TheHostingNews.com is a premiere online destination for the web hosting industry. Each month THN attracts in excess of 45,000 quality visitors that are looking for information related to Hosting News, Reseller web hosting and Dedicated Servers. THN is frequented by web hosting executives, of which most subscribe to a exclusive invite only daily news digest.

Testimonials: Our clients

“Thanks, in part, to TechPad’s design and creative services, HostMySite.com has developed into a strong, well-known brand within the hosting industry. TechPad’s marketing expertise has been instrumental in equipping us with new perspectives and visuals to help propel our growth and brand recognition.”

-Michael Donaldson (HostMySite.com)
Trade Event Manager

“The world is full of boring stuff — which is why so few people pay attention. Remarkable marketing is the art of building things worth noticing right into your product or service. Not just slapping on the marketing function as a last-minute add-on, but also understanding from the outset that if your offering itself isn’t remarkable, then it’s invisible — no matter how much you spend on well-crafted advertising.”
-Seth Godin, Bestselling author and marketing guru

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