Buzz Marketing

Our Buzz Marketing line consists of two services

Buzz Research Services

Buzz research refers to a Public Relations and Market Research Service that is used to discover where, what and how people are discussing products and services in the blogosphere, forums or other social media areas. Our investigative process allows us to identify:

  • Critical discussions, trends, popular opinions, suggestions and rumors
  • Major individual influencers in the blogosphere
  • PR contacts, Alexa ratings, number of users and postings
  • Miscellaneous data useful in customer relations and marketing

Utilizing the data from Buzz Research, it is possible to

  • What the “buzz” is about a product–before, during and post-launch
  • Whether marketing/promotion programs are resonating with consumers
  • That products and services are having the desired impact and building the right kind of buzz
  • What key issues generate and influence buzz and sentiment about a brand (and the competition) and if the issues match the expected behavior
  • Who the most influential consumers are, where their online influence is concentrated, and how they can best be leveraged
  • If products and services are addressing customer need; and How consumer suggestions, innovations and adaptations can be best utilized.

Buzz Analysis – The PN3™ System
Our PN3 system was created to label social media discussions in blogs, forums and other social areas of the Internet. A previous 15 days of conversation is reviewed, and a discussion is labeled as one of four levels:

  1. Positive Buzz
  2. Negative Buzz
  3. Neutral Buzz
  4. No Buzz

We manually read through active conversations and reviews, and document what the PN3 buzz level is of each specific discussion. Using this information along with interaction, we return to the posting on a weekly basis, and benchmark the discussion again, to determine if the interaction has had a positive impact. At that time, we can also determine how best to proceed, for the most positive results possible. Sometimes the goal or issue is resolved; other times, it may be necessary to create another posting and follow up until the situation is handled in the most desirable way.

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